Mass payout solution

Transfer money to individuals
from your company’s account.

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Payouts to all over the world

Transfer of funds from your current account to any bank cards, e-wallets and crypto wallets.

Bulk payments service for organizations

Automation of payments for your company in any direction. All necessary accounting documentation is provided.


Variety of payment options - mass payout service. Pay webmasters and freelancers from your bank account
in a convenient way to their bank cards, e-wallets, crypto wallets.

Advantages of

We are trusted and welcomed to provide mass payouts in the online services, advertising networks and affiliate programs.

Low commission with no hidden fees

We do not charge a replenishment fee, withdrawal fee, or conversion fee. We take a fixed percentage fee per transaction.

A duly established paper flow

Our mass pay platform provides you a complete set of closing documents specifying the work performed.

Saving time and resources makes it possible to transfer money to legal entities from your existing bank account to any e-wallets. You don't need to open another account in payment systems.


Original Credit Transaction


Payments are transferred through a high-performance original credit transaction integrated with major international banks. The processing speed is 500 payments per second.

Original Credit Transaction (OCT) is a high-speed and secure method of direct funds transfer to a client's bank card using VISA DIRECT, MasterCard Moneysend, MIR services.




Two ways of integration


Mass list payments

No development required. Easily send payments to a large number of customers at once by simply passing the list of payments to

Automation with API allows developers to integrate their systems via APIs to interact with the service automatically.


Depending on the volume and direction of payments, a discount will be offered.

Replenishment with ... Payment system Commission, %
Tether, USDT Credit Card, RUB 3%
Tether, USDT SBP (Fast Payment System), RUB 3,5%
Any bank WIRE, EUR Credit Card, RUB 3%
Tether, USDT Paypal, USD 6%
Any bank WIRE, EUR Paypal, EUR 7%
Legal entity checking account, RUB Tether, USDT 12%
Legal entity checking account, RUB Bitcoin, BTC 12%
Legal entity checking account, RUB Credit Card, RUB 13%
Legal entity checking account, RUB Bank Wire, EUR 12%
Legal entity checking account, RUB Qiwi, RUB 13%
Legal entity checking account, RUB Capitalist, RUB, USD 12%
Legal entity checking account, RUB AdvCash, RUB, USD, EUR 12%
* Conversion is made at a rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on a date of the transaction.
** Bulk payouts are possible in other directions, please contact the support unit.

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