has been working since 2009

We provide flexible payment options for mass payments over a wide range of payment systems and geographic coverage.

2009 year


For the thriving market of SMS affiliate programs, we helped to organize fast and timely payments to webmasters.

2011 year


There's a boom of browser and desktop games in Runet. takes care of payouts to webmasters for several game companies on a turnkey basis.

2013 year


For teaser networks, we provide fast exchange of funds from the account to electronic wallets of webmasters.

2015 year


With the development of affiliate marketing and traffic arbitrage, CPA programs became our clients.

2016 year


Breaking into foreign markets. Assistance in organizing payments to Russian webmasters within foreign affiliate programs.

2018 year


Entering the market. Addressing our customers’ needs in payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins.

2020 year


Payment automation, creation of public API.

2022 year


Partnerships with digital neo banks.



There are more and more cases of fraud, when criminals pretend to be our company by using similar Telegram identifiers (nicknames).

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